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Ural Turbine Works has shipped equipment required for the reconstruction of Minsk CHP-3 (the Republic of Belarus)

The Ural Turbine Works (ROTEC holding) has manufactured and shipped turbine Тп-115/130-12.8 and also heaters and condensers required for the reconstruction of Minsk CHP-3. The Contract for participation of Ural Turbine Works in the reconstruction of the plant (14 MPa capacity stage) was signed in February, 2017. The Ural Turbine Works is performing complete shipment of the equipment as a part of this project. Commissioning of the facility is scheduled for 2020.


Turbine Тп-115/130-12.8 ushers in the next generation of turbines designed to replace turbine T-100, which is mass-produced in the UTW. It has been designed using new measurement tools and advanced materials. In the turbine the cylinders, their supports, rotors, steam distribution units and turbine blading have all been completely redesigned. In particular, to increase the inner efficiency coefficient of flow section and consequently to increase the technical efficiency of high-pressure cylinder, engineering staff has replaced the control stage by a control chamber — the design patented by the Ural Turbine Works. The medium pressure rotor is constructed unit-forged, its stages are equipped with new shanks of the buttonhead type. As a whole, it will enable an increase in maximum turbine power, improved effectiveness and reliability indexes, and decrease in its lifecycle costs.

Today, Minsk CHP-3 provides nearly 25% of energy needs of the capital of Belarus. The plant reconstruction is included in the government-sponsored program of power production development. The implementation of all stages of main plant building reconstruction will mean that annual electricity generation is almost doubled, and that the annual heat energy generation will be increased by almost a half.

Further, the Ural Turbine Works has already participated in the reconstruction of Minsk CHP-3 before. In 2009, the advanced and efficient steam-gas unit ПГУ-230 was built in the plant, which includes the currently operational steam turbine Т-53/67-8.0 manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works. 

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