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Equipment for gas industry

Gas pumping unitsIn total Ural Turbine Works delivered 573 drive heat-recovering and electric power gas turbines with total capacity of 5 015 500 kW. Total UTW produced and delivered to the objects of "Gazprom" 272 gas turbine compression  units with total capacity of 1,833,280 KW.

UTW Gas compression units are working on well-known gas pipelines such as Siberia-Western Europe gas pipeline.

List of services for Customer:

  1. Field-engineering and setting in operation of UTW GT;
  2. Service maintenance during lifetime of GT;
  3. Spare parts delivery;
  4. Developing and master of spare parts producing  modern technology;
  5. Developing and application of GT renovation projects;
  6. Engineering service;
  7. Spare parts maintenance on factory area;
  8. GT modernization.
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