History of the turbine manufacturing facility, succeed by JSC Ural Turbine Works created in 2003, began in 1938. For this period of time it produced 898 steam turbines with total capacity of more than 64 GW. The factory has delivered to domestic and foreign customers more than 570 pumping and power gas turbines with total capacity of 5 GW.

UTW products account for approximately a half of overall mounted cogeneration turbine capacity in Russia and the CIS. Steam and gas turbines made by UTW are operated in 26 countries worldwide.

The first turbine, AT-12, of the Works was assembled and tested in May 1941. Despite the fact that it was the first UTW turbine it had been reliably operated for 48 years.

Many years of experience in turbine design and a wide range of manufactured turbines enable the Ural Turbine Works to satisfy demands of different clients. Despite the variety of turbines manufactured by UTW we apply properly checked, constructively unified units and parts, which makes the manufacturing process serial, improves reliability and simplifies the maintenance and overalls of UTW turbines.

At developing of new turbines and renovation of existing ones UTW takes into consideration modern trends in power engineering development, gas industry and metallurgy.

Ural Turbine Works steam turbine reference

Ural Turbine Works gas turbine reference