Certificate of trademark No.181669 Ural Turbine Works CJSC 

No. 2576392 "Steam turbine cylinder with adjusting compartment"

No.158987 "Device for assembly of steam turbine diaphragm cascades"

No. 157430 Exhaust nozzle of steam turbine

No. 154965 Multi-purpose gauge for measuring of radial offset of blades at steam turbine blade wheels (stages)

No. 2550212 "Spinning rotor support"

No. 2518784. Method for adjusting of heating load of co-generation turbine unit

 No. 2505728. Steam stop valve strainer for steam turbine

 No. 2490479. Single cylinder co-generation turbine for combined cycle gas turbine unit

 No. 2472020. Heat regenerator integrated into turbine unit

 No. 2470163. Co-generation turbine unit

 No. 2465465. Fixed vanes operating mechanism

 No. 2459984. Friction type thrust bearing

 No. 2442034. Pad-type bearing

 No. 2431046. Three-channel turbine unit protection system

 No. 2429352. Operating method of co-generation turbine unit with steam reheating

 No. 2426891. Method of pressure adjusting during operating steam extraction from co-generation turbine

 No. 2425229. Steam turbine operating method

 No. 2422645. Operating method of back-pressure turbine and bottom turbine during load relief

 No. 2415276. Method of protection of co-generation turbine unit

 No. 2413074. Method of joint start-up of back-pressure turbine and associated bottom turbine

 No. 2403418. Turbine stator sealing

 No. 2397332. Integrated cooling system of low-pressure cylinders of co-generation turbines

No. 2382940. Blade-type thermal stresses compensator for horizontal line heaters 

 No. 2386039. Annular chamber of wheel space for mixing of steam flows

 No. 2377463. Piping system of horizontal line heaters with double partitions

 No. 2377416. Rotor

 No. 2355970. Heat exchanger with thermal U-type pipes

 No. 2352885. Turbine casing heat exchanger with ribbed pipes

 No. 2332577. Method of thermal displacement of front bearing casing and steam turbine cylinder

 No. 2307941. Operating method of co-generation turbine unit

 No. 2194866. Steam extraction control system for steam turbine

 No. 2204724. Method of temperature adjusting for heat line water of co-generation turbine unit

 No. 2167311. System of cascaded drain of heater condensate of co-generation steam turbine unit with stage heating of heat line water

No. 2136973. Device for air extraction from axial-type compressor

No. 2217598. System of steam delivery to turbine cylinder