The Ural turbine works ROTEC
Production base

Production base

Blank production complex

Blank production complex consisted of welding, forging and hardening shops.

Welding engineering makes metal cutting and metalware welding for turbines (condensers, heaters, casing and others units).

In most cases production of welding construction at UTW is closed cycle. It begins from metal preparation and flat products, rolled section cutting and completed with testing and finishing coating operations.

Forging and hardening shop supply steam/gas turbines forged pieces to mechanical division and to outside customers, also execute hardening of rolled blanks, and details after preliminary mechanical operation and welding.

Вальцы листогибочные

Sheeting mill 4 rolls 4HELL,
producer “Faccin”

Плазменная резка

Gas-oxygen cutting


Hydraulic press with loading up to  800 tn


Chamber thermal furnaces

Комплекс оборудования для орбитальной сварки изделий из титана

Machine complex for orbital welding of titanium products

       линия резки и профильной гибки

Shearing and bending line

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