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Уральский турбинный завод

The Ural Turbine Works was founded on October 2, 1938.

1940 year

Building of 5 block 1940
entry 1941 year

entry 1941 year

entry 1943 year

entry 1943 year

1938 - 1948 - The Ural Turbine Works
1948 - 1976 - The Ural Turbomotor Works
1976 - 2004 - The Turbomotor Works
2004 – The Ural Turbine Works

Turbines of the Ural manufacturers are high valued for their high reliability and durability: the first AT-12 steam turbine with 12 MW capacity was assembled and tested in May 1941, though it was first UTW turbine it had worked for 48 years.

first turbine АТ-12 start

first turbine АТ-12 start

When the Great Patriotic War began, the Works received the evacuated Kirov Works diesel engines plant from Leningrad and the Kharkov Turbo-Generator Works on its site. With the help of the Urals, manufacture of type B2 engines for the combat materiel and spares for repair and restoration of the destroyed electric power stations was soon under way.

Great Patriotic War

Great Patriotic War

Motor and turbines works were united at Turbomotor works on April 5,1946. Since that time all products are producing with a new sign – TMW. In 1976 works got a new name – The Turbomotor works Corporation.

The single-unit power of steam turbines were raising continuously in step of 25,50,100 (110), 135(140), 175(185), 250 MW. The development of the project and the start of the manufacture of large 450…500 Mw turbines for atomic thermoelectric plants were started.

The State prizes of the USSR in 1951 and 1979 and the Lenin prize in 1966 had been awarded to the workers who participated actively in developing and putting into production of the steam turbines.
The gas turbine building is a comparatively new undertaking at the Works. Now it has acquired special importance due to construction of gas mains, e.g. Siberia-Western Europe gas pipeline.

Some facts: During more than 70 years of its work the plant delivered and mounted 861 steam turbines to power stations of different countries.

In Russia and CIS countries approximately half of all capacity of mounted steam extraction turbines are of Ural Turbine Works manufacturing (Turbomotor Works Corporation). The light and heating of Moscow, the UTW turbines generate. To Moscow 62 ural turbines were delivered, out of them: 19 turbines of T-250 type and 39 turbines of T-110 type. Nowadays at Moscow 48 UTW turbines work, and they nearly completely cover the heat and power need of Russian capital.

The Ural Turbine Works was awarded the State Quality Mark for high quality gas turbines. International Certificate Services SGS (Switzerland) and TUV (Germany) gave UTW certificates of international standard accordance.

The gas turbines of UTW manufacturing got over magnitude 9 earthquakes that took place in Gazli in 1976 and 1978.

In total the Ural Turbine Works delivered 570 drive heat-recovering and electric power gas turbines with total capacity of 5 014 500 kW.

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